2020, O-1 Bottle Opener

The shape of O-1 derives from the two points the bottle opener comes in contact with the bottle cap. Rotating that profile creates a gripping handle, which allows for a intuitive movement to open the bottle.

2019, Bistro Mills in Ash, produced by Amacher & Zemp

Pepper mill black lacquered with nickel-plated grinder

Salt mill clear lacquered with titanium-coated grinder

Refill user manual

2022, AB Chair, ZHdK diploma project

2020, H-1 Malevich as Studio Topo for SP Schweiz

Solid maple wood stained in black with an oil-varnish coating

Solid maple wood with an oil-varnish coating

The design takes inspiration from archetypical pub chairs and plays with a new perspective refining all elements to a clear-cut form to support the narrative of the show.

As part of a holistic design approach of Studio Topo the H1 Malevich chair was built to accomodate the hosts and guests on the set of the “Meyer:Wermuth” podcast by SP Schweiz.

2022, Workshop “Intuition and Composition”

Under guidance the 10 to 12 year old school kids built their own personal chairs for the classroom out of sponsored and leftover materials.

The publication was realised by Data-Orbit and is available unpon request.

2021, M-Trestle built with Moritz Gysi

For storage the M-Trestle can be folded together

engages in a wide range of projects in the fields of product and spatial design. Dialogues, interactions and everyday observations often serve as the foundation for a concept. Each project is set in regard to sustainable relationships between the objects, the user and the environment. His aim is to create new archetypes, experiences and visual languages with longevity.

In 2022 he graduated in industrial design from the Zurich University of the Arts. While working in 2020 for Ransmeier Inc. in New York, and 2021 at Cecilie Manz Studio in Copenhagen he gathered experience in the fields of furniture and product design. Since 2022 he’s been working at Studio DAS and Fritz Jakob Gräber while founding his practice and Studio Topo together with Moriz Gysi and Linus Maurmann in Zurich.

Baslerstrasse 30, 8048, Zurich

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